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What’s that inexpensive brew you thoroughly enjoyed?
What’s that brew your cousin thinks is pretentious but a beer snob says,

“Sucks Man!”

The Sessionables

The Sessionables

What’s that beer in the “choose your own” six pack rack?
What’s that delicious shit you can always have multiples of?

 I’m on a kick!
Sipping’ some shit, that went out of style, way to quick bitch!

I give to you: THE SESSIONABLES, for the first week of 2015
from mi casa to yours…

It's Your Birthday!

It’s Your Birthday!

Powder Hound






Boston Creme Stout

Boston Creme Stout


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Blood Meridian
Empire of the Summer Moon
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The ideal beer fan to me is Certified Cicerone Chris Stenger. He is knowledgeable, friendly, and eager to share his passion with others. He is the opposite of a snob and we love him for it. Here is the definition of the word snob:

SNOB- a person who believes himself or herself an expert or connoisseur in a given field and is condescending toward or disdainful of those who hold other opinions or have different tastes regarding this field-

“Beer is democratic. It does not depend on the finest real estate or limited geographical designations,” Tasting Beer Randy Mosher.

Your dad may have drunk Coors. Your grandma thinks Tecate is an exotic brew. Men who often enjoyed cases of American lager on any given weekend built the better parts of our country. Your cousins, your sister, your friends, firemen, soldiers, crab fisherman love pilsners and Bud Light!

I as a self professed beer nerd still drink fresh Coronas, Bohemia, and yes Budweiser, although the sheer number of new brews and my penchant toward ale promiscuity lend me to cheat on any number of beers. The mob is fickle my brothers.

Was your first beer a salted chocolate stout? Were you raised sniffing, swishing, and then spatting into a spittoon? It doesn’t matter. Don’t be snobs my brothers. Be ambassadors to the craft. Lets invite people slowly into our world and respect their choice of beer even if it’s a Michelob Ultra. Rice/Corn beers have earned their place at tailgates, jobsites, and in the hearts of Americans and we can respect that even if we disagree.

“Did you know that the great pyramids of Egypt were built by workers fueled by beer? The ancient Romans drank beer, though they were the early instigators of the wine-vs.-beer class split in which the rich drank wine and everyone else drank beer. And back in Roman times, the barbarians were the beer drinkers, which makes beer even cooler in my opinion. During the Middle Ages and until brewing become a commercial enterprise in the 1700s, the actual brewing of beer was undertaken by women, and making beer was part of the daily routine due to beer being a safe source of drinking water. It is difficult to be snobby about something that is a basic life necessity.” –Greg Zeschuk

Here is another trend that we hate right now:

One of the coolest aspects of beer is that the average Joe can partake in some of the best beers for under $20. Prices keep creeping up and it is the shittiest of all trends including the snob but we think the two may be connected.


I like the beer glassware movement. It is improving the experience but I digress.